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Services and Related Equipment

Live band pre-production rehearsal and recording

Equipment includes a 5,000 watt PA system, fully mic-ed drum kit, multiple guitar amplifiers, bass amplifiers, keyboard station and acoustic piano.  Vocal mics for live and lead vocal overdubs.   32 input recording system with Universal Audio Apollo interfaces.  Outboard transformer balanced mic pre channel strips.  Comprehensive microphone collection.  Comprehensive guitar and bass collection.  Comprehensive snare drum collection.  MiDi and virtual instrument collection.

Livestream services

Four HDMI video cameras capable of recording and/or streaming video at 1080p with a BlackMagic Design ATEM Mini Pro HDMI video switcher in combination with Streamlabs open broadcasting software to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and more.  Multiple spotlights, multicolored cell lights ranging from 20-100 watt, wireless high powered RGB lights, LED lighting and disco ball.  

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Jason Cropper, producer, songrwriter ex member of the band weezer holds the keys to the premier project studio Oakland, CA
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