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Jason Cropper has spent the past 30 years working in and around recording studios as a performing artist, songwriter, engineer, producer, janitor and more. 


With Studio C, Jason is excited to lend this hand picked team and state of the art equipment for the creation of your music.


After forming the band Weezer (1992-1993) and working on their now legendary debut Blue Album, Jason worked at Ocean Way recording studio, currently known as United Recording for 11 years, from 1997-2008. 

Whether you are a seasoned performer, writer or completely new to the business of creating recorded music - we are ready to help you sound and be your best.

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Jason Cropper


Rob Ahlers

Zollie Fears

Zollie Fears is an Audio Engineer from Oakland, CA who is surging in his young career. He specializes in Tracking, Production and Mixing making sure that the artists are their best selves in the studio. Over the past 6 years, he has worked with local acts in the Bay Area such as AkaFrank, Kevin Allen F.K.A Erk Tha Jerk, IAMSU!, Mani Draper and more! His latest work can be heard on the Grammy Award Winning Album “Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?” By Fantastic Negrito for production and tracking.

Zollie Fears

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Rob Ahlers lives and breathes music. He mercilessly attacks the drums with undeniable vitality and plays like he’s in a sold-out stadium every time. As a multi-instrumentalist, Rob has the chops to play bass, guitar, keyboards and vocals as if they were his main instrument.

Rob’s production style includes a ‘one-stop shop’ of impactful instrumentation, orchestration and arrangement, as well as a keen sense of weaving style, genre and intensity into a rich, deep musical landscape to elevate your creations to their fullest.

Rob Ahlers

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Brian J. Kenny is a songwriter, musician, recording artist, and producer who he been active for over thirty years. A San Franciscan by birth, he grew up in Redding, California and went to High School in Red Bluff, Ca. He was an active musician in college, and performed in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkley in the early 1990s. He has performed with a variety of bands and musicians and the years since. He began producing other musicians in 2018 with Jason Cropper (founding member of Weezer), and has since produced Mark Martinez, Me Mother’s Irish, The Paranoid Strain Orchestra, and S.O.U.L. Twin Messiah, as well as legendary producer and mix engineer Michael James. 


He currently plays bass for the Jason Cropper Band and fronts a number of his own ensembles primarily in California. He has participated in the RPM Challenge (where participants record an album of original music in the month of February) since 2010. 

Brian Kenny

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